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Christmas greeting 2013

This may be the first time we have sent holiday greetings this late in the next year—greetings that were begun early enough in December and then living and enjoying became morJohn Jane at Biltmoree important than completing a task. So we celebrate that we can still take some time to check in with you all as we make “one more circle ’round the sun.” This holiday season was a warm and wonderful time, shared with friends in Asheville and with our family. Eric, Annabel and Madeline traveled on Christmas to be with us for five days, Laurie and Nick came to join us later that week, and after Eric, Annabel and Madeline departed, the rest of us went to be with Diane, Dan, Allyson and Jake to celebrate the birth of 2014. Good times for us.

We are still loving our move to the mountains—the sheer beauty is food for the soul. The year was full, with John continuing to volunteer three days a week at Manna Food Bank and picking up some more activity at First Congregational UCC—it was a very short time after he began offering his services that he was given a key to the building. Jane keeps busy reading, doing artwork, and spending time with new found friends. It was also a year filled with lots of travel, not the least of which was about a 6 week grand circle beginning in Memphis, TN on to NM, KS, KY, and OH.  El Shaddai, our Roadtrek, continues to provide a great home away from home.

It so happened that on one of our trips to Ohio to see Madeline in her last high school stage performance, we were blessed with the gift of being present for the passing of our  dear friend  Barb Hasson.   While there is a deep, empty space in our lives, it was  deeply satisfying and healing to be present with her to the end of her years.   Our years of friendship and the many gifts of love she left with us will never be far from us.

We managed to make three graduations at the end of May and beginning of June as Madeline, then Jake and  Nick experienced that grand time of  closure ending High School years. They all apear to be enjoying their new beginnings to collegiate life; Nick at Northern Kentucky; Jake at University of Georga; Madeline at New School in New York City.  Allyson, a Junior at Georgia Tech engaged the Fall semester as an international student in Spain.

As the year came to a close, the world’s attention focused for a time on the life of Nelson Mandela. His life was truly a wonderful gift to the world. Though none of us may ever be willing or able to achieve the embodiment of love that he lived, each of us can make an effort to live a life based on receiving and giving a spark of love to lighten and brighten our corner of the universe

Blessings to you and yours in 2014.

John and Jane

Christmas greeting 2012

Our family at Thanksgiving

Our family at Thanksgiving

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

It’s that time of year once more when we take the opportunity to connect with both those we are in contact with often and with those we may only have connection with one time a year.  It is good to have this connection.

We all come to this holiday season with a heaviness of heart in the aftermath of the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.  I trust you have had opportunity to engage in some healing process in your community with loving friends and family.  John and I were blessed several times over the weekend to attend events where we were encouraged to allow our hearts to break down with sorrow and to also break open to healing and guidance for the change that is needed to minimize this kind of tragedy.

In this tumultous world in which we live, each of us is called to a new way of owning our power to “be the change” we want to see.  There is evidence that ordinary people like you and me are acting in ways that contribute to a society based on goodness, truth and  beauty and moving away from living in fear, shame and guilt.  A simple act to begin to find that for yourself is to pause in the midst of busyness to connect to your energy that is connected to everything else.  In Japan in 1955, Masahisa Goi decided to dedicate his life to spreading the message, “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in response to the bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For over 60 years, people have paused in their daily habits to pray this simple prayer and spread the message “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in the languages of the world.” http://www.peacepoles.com/  When one changes from the inside, it has an effect on all of your relationships.

On a more controversial topic, once again the subject of gun control is in the news.  With respect for the many different viewpoints, I am sending a link to Barbara Crafton’s website.  Her consideration of the subject brings clarity to me, and seems to offer a talking place to engage in a new conversation on this topic.  http://www.geraniumfarm.org/dailyemo.cfm?Emo=1413

Below you will find our digital Christmas message.  This has been a year of great change for us.  With that change, we have experienced both sadness at leaving the close company of long time friends and family and joy if settling into this new community.

Blessing to you all.

November 2, 2011

I am very busy preparing for an Open House on Saturday and at the same time wanted to update a little.  Lots has happened this year and not as much has been created in Stained Glass.  However, if you go to Enchantment Collection, you will find a special edition entitled “Enchantment Series”.  It consists of rocks John and I collected while sojourning in New Mexico in September.  Each creation contains one of the rocks from “the land of enchantment”, the way New Mexico describes itself.  Since I have become on fire to do these pieces, I have to think there is something to there slogan.  Each item is labeled Enchantment followed by Roman numeral according to the order I have made them.  Enjoy!

Many a time I have made pretty harsh comments about “coming soon” and now I understand that it is really easy to type and push the button–it takes a lot more effort to actually make it happen.

Today, I finally got to assembling some of the 2010 angels, they can be seen here and at Hot Off The Bench!.

Welcome to this place.  As 2010 is quickly approaching an end, I am aware that this is when I usually host an Open House for stained glass creations.   Well, how about a “Virtual Open House?”

My life this year has been filled with many experiences that have taken me away from Salem, limiting the time I have had to be down in  my little workspace.

I try to convince myself that I really enjoy change, so here I go experimenting with a different kind of Open House.

You are all invited to stop by the house whenever you wish, just knock at my door to see if I’m home or “out and about.”  Or give me a call on the phone, or e-mail me,  so we can find a time that suits you.

I will use this place to post a variety of pictures, from “old favorites” to “what is coming off the bench.”

I look forward to your comments, and encourage you to check back often, particularly check the “HOT OFF THE BENCH” area–that’s where the newest creations will appear.  And for now, I’ve got to go tend to some of those items waiting to get off the bench.

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